The idea of the Fund is to offer a posibility to place investor´s financial means into the purchase of precisely selected iconic collector cars or motorbikes, and in the context of the actual condidions on the market, and to select proper timing of sale with ideal income for the investor.

Investment focus

Ferrari, Porsche, Bugatti, Alfa Romeo, Mercedes, Rolls Royce, Lancia, Jaguar, Praga, Laurin a Klement, Aston Martin, Ford, … These and other iconic automobile and motorcycle makes form the history of global motoring and have been with many of us from childhood. This unusual hobby or, if you will, love of a relatively ordinary thing like an automobile, has often lasted and has stayed with every automobile fan until the present. ENGINE CLASSIC CARS – AUTOMOBILE FUND is an opportunity for all of those for whom an automobile or motorcycle is not only consumer goods, but something in which they see the chance to appreciate their investments.

The fund, through its portfolio of unique automobiles, motorcycles or automobilia, offers the investor the chance to invest in an area that does not make use of any leveraged instruments and provides investors, in comparison with standard investment areas such as securities, derivatives and commodities, with a great degree of protection from possible fluctuations in market prices.

The fund actively cooperates with ENGINE CLASSIC CARS MANAGEMENT, which is the manager of the portfolio of assets purchased, and continually assesses the options for investing, in particular in automobiles offered from private collections or possibly through sales auctions, exhibitions and fairs. As a tangible and relatively hard-to-access form of assets, rare or unique automobiles have their intrinsic value, which helps reduce the risk of loss and has been verified by the historically continuous growth in this area of assets. This fact is evident in particular in a comparison with the very uncertain trends on financial markets in recent years. In such a comparison it can be said, that the price of unique and iconic automobiles is, in the context of movements on financial markets, a very stable investment and, in relation to the risk undertaken regarding price fluctuations, represents an attractive opportunity for the appreciation of monies invested.

The main characteristic of the investment strategy in this asset area is the careful selection of unique, valuable and rare automobiles, motorcycles or automobilia whose exceptionality could be due to the limited number produced or availability, or where such indicator is further supported by their racing or other interesting history. The success of investments in such assets is confirmed by the marked increase in demand in eastern Europe and, in particular, Asia, where growing economies (China, India, …) are generating a large quantity of potential interested parties in such lucrative assets.

Reasons for investing with fund

Interesting return for investors—shareholders in fund (5% p.a.) high over the level of bank deposits.
Low risk of investment in assets with historically-tested continuous growth.
Potential for further growth supported by growth in demand for classic automobiles and motorcycles.
Payment of a return in the form of partial repurchase of investment shares (after 3 years).


Fund’s aims

The fund is established for the purpose of long-term appreciation of the monies of investors/shareholders in the fund through investments in unique, valuable and rare automobiles, motorcycles or automobilia. The fund will also act as an umbrella for and represent motoring fans, who can, at joint meetings and events, share their passion and enthusiasm for owning such beautiful or historically interesting motoring icons.